David Scott

A Closer Look At This Years Adjudicator

10 October, 2021

David Scott

David Scott is an Australian born actor, writer, director and acting teacher. He has worked extensively as a professional actor in both Australia and Ireland on television, stage and film, most recently appearing in “Game of Thrones”, “The Vikings”, “Titans”, “Modern Love 2” and “Harry Wild”.

David is a highly regarded acting teacher. Over a decade ago he established The Actor’s Wednesday Workshop and The Actor’s Friday Studio, part-time programmes for developing and advanced actors and is Director of The Applied Art of Acting, an intensive, single-technique three-month full-time program for actors of exceptional ability. David has taught for The Gaiety School of Acting, The Irish Film Academy, Stagewise, Stageworks and The Drama League of Ireland and for many theatre companies, universities, drama groups and schools across Ireland, Australia and abroad. He has written three textbooks on acting technique, “The Beautiful Stage”, “The Art of Acting” and “The Possible Someone”, all available at lulu.com.

David is also Artistic Director of Company D Theatre, a Dublin based theatre company focused on promoting new work, new actors and theatre artists. Company D has produced many critically acclaimed shows since its foundation in 2006, twelve of which David has written. David’s plays are also available at lulu.com.

David has taught actors advanced techniques since his early twenties, constantly developing his own cutting-edge approaches and exchanging with teachers, directors and theatre and film artists. This constantly evolving work is highly valued by actors and practitioners of theatre and film around the world.