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Nightly Ticket Sales to the Bostik All Ireland Confined Drama Finals 2024 are now Live!!!

We are delighted to offer the opportunity to our loyal patrons to book a ticket to this years festival where we will host the All Ireland Confined Drama Finals, under the auspices of the Amateur Drama Council of Ireland and sponsored by Bostik. It’s assigned seating so please remember to pick your tickets from the map when buying.

Please see the lineup below.

8:00 pm –
“Now and Then” Book a Ticket
Author: Sean Grennan
Group: Harvest Moon Theatre Group
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Join us for “Now and Then” by Sean Grennan performed by Harvest Moon Theatre Group in the 2024 Bostik All Ireland Confined Drama Finals.


A young barman, Jamie, is closing up one night in 1981, and waiting for his girlfriend Abby, when an older man comes in for a quick one. The man tells them that he just wants to stay a while, have a drink and that he will then leave quietly. Soon the man makes Jamie and Abby a ridiculous offer – one that is very tempting. And he tells them a story, which seems unbelievable. When another stranger arrives, the unbelievable suddenly seems like it might just be true. Will they accept the offer, and if they do, what will the consequences be? What happens that night, may, or may not, change the course of Jamie’s life.

Sean Grennan’s play, ‘Now and Then’ was originally set in an Irish bar in Chicago in 1981. Harvest Moon’s presentation is an Irish adaption of the play, by John Corless.


Harvest Moon Theatre Group is based in Claremorris, Co Mayo, with members drawn from all over Connaught.  This is their second year on the circuit and the group is delighted to have qualified for the finals again this year. The cast of ‘Now and Then’ is made up of Rosemary Dixon, Vera Kilgallon, Kevin Woods and John Morley. Rosemary Dixon was part of the Garrymore Drama Group for many years and is no stranger to the circuit. Vera Kilgallon, from Mayo Abbey, is an All-Ireland winning actress. Kevin Woods is a native of Roscommon and John Morley is originally from Mayo, and is now living in Oranmore. Both have many acting awards to their credit for stage and screen. The play is directed by John Corless. Harvest Moon likes to introduce new plays, or re-imagine well-known plays, for audiences around the country.

8:00 pm –
“The Outgoing Tide” Book a Ticket
Author: Bruce Graham
Group: Glenamaddy Players
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Join us for “The Outgoing Tide” by Bruce Graham performed by Glenamaddy Players in the 2024 Bostik All Ireland Confined Drama Finals.

In a summer cottage on the banks of Chesapeake Bay, Gunner has hatched as unorthadox plan to secure his family’s future, but meets with resistance from his wife and son, who have plans of their own. This new drama hums with dark humour and powerful emotion. As winter approaches, the three must quickly find common ground and come to an understanding-before the tide goes out.
Glenamaddy Players have been in existence for over 50 years and with a team of talented actors and a skilled and dedicated crew, the group has had huge success. The group have qualified for the All Ireland Three Act Confined Finals on many occasions, the most recent in 2023 with ‘Proof’, by David Auburn which finished in second place. The group are once again really looking forward to taking part at the All Ireland Finals.
8:00 pm –
“Same Old Moon” Book a Ticket
Author: Geraldine Aaron
Group: Sliabh Aughty Drama Group
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Join us for “Same Old Moon” by Geraldine Aaron performed by Sliabh Aughty Drama Group in the 2024 Bostik All Ireland Confined Drama Finals.


The play follows the life of Brenda Byrnes from age nine right through to her forties. As we journey with her through her life, we witness many challenges she faces including having a short-tempered mother and a father who is his own worst enemy. This insight to their family life is both absorbing and poignant from start to finish.


Sliabh Aughty Drama Group was formed in 1989 in Mountshannon, Co. Clare. The group’s first production was ‘The Field’ by John B Keane, which achieved 2nd place in the All Ireland Drama Final under the guidance of Maud Nash. Since then, the group has performed regularly on the festival circuit with plays like ‘Power of Darkness’, ‘I Do Not Like Thee Doctor Fell’ and more recently, ‘Unforgiven’, ‘Sive’, and ‘Moonglow’, which all competed in All Ireland Finals. Sliabh Aughty Drama Group produce a 3 act play and two One Act plays annually. They look forward to entertaining the Mountmellick audience with our current production of ‘Same Old Moon’ and hope you all enjoy the show.

8:00 pm –
“Agnes of God” Book a Ticket
Author: John Pielmeier
Group: St. Patrick's Drama Group
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Join us for “Agnes of God” by John Pielmeier performed by St. Patrick’s Drama Group in the 2024 Bostik All Ireland Confined Drama Finals.


‘Agnes of God’, a riveting play written by John Pielmeier, explores themes of faith, identity, and the complexities of the human mind. Set in a convent, the story revolves around three central characters: Sister Agnes, a young novice nun; Mother Miriam Ruth, the stern and pragmatic Mother Superior; and Dr. Martha Livingstone, a psychiatrist tasked with evaluating Agnes after a shocking event. The play unfolds as a mystery, driven by the discovery of a dead new-born found in Agnes’s room, leading to accusations of murder. Agnes, who claims not to remember the events leading up to the baby’s death, is caught between her devout faith and the harsh realities of the world beyond the convent’s walls. As Dr. Livingstone delves in Agnes’s psyche, she faces resistance from both Agnes and Mother Miriam, revealing a complex web of secrets, trauma and religious fervour. ‘Agnes of God’ is a captivating exploration of faith, identity and the human psyche. The challenges faced by actors in bringing this play to life are numerous, ranging from the emotional complexities of the characters to the philosophical themes that underpin the story. Successfully navigating these challenges results in a compelling performance that leaves audiences contemplating the boundaries of faith and the mysteries of the human soul.
Founded in 1964, St Patrick’s Drama Group is based in Wesport, Co Mayo and celebrates their 60th anniversary this year. The group’s motto is ‘Drama for the fun of it’, and they are looking forward to taking to the stage in Mountmellick!
8:00 pm –
“Faith Healer” Book a Ticket
Author: Brian Friel
Group: Dunmore Amateur Dramatic Society (DADS)
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Join us for “Faith Healer” by Brian Friel performed by Dunmore Amateur Dramatic Society (DADS) in the 2024 Bostik All Ireland Confined Drama Finals.


Throughout the remote and forgotten corners of the British Isles, Frank Hardy offers the promise of redemption to the sick and the suffering. But his is an unreliable gift, a dangerous calling which brings him into conflict with his wife Grace and his manager Teddy. Their competing accounts of past events reveal the fragility of memory and the necessity of stories as a means of survival.


DADS (Dunmore Amateur Dramatic Society) revived drama in Dunmore in 2003 with a local production of ‘Da’ by Hugh Leonard. Since 2005 they have been regular participants on the Three Act Circuit, achieving 2nd place on three occasions in the Confined All-Ireland Finals: 2011 – The Good Father by Christian O’Reilly; 2015 – Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me by Frank McGuinness; 2016 –The Gigli Concert by Tom Murphy. In 2013, DADS won 1st place in the All-Ireland Confined One Act Finals with A Galway Girl by Geraldine Aron. DADS’ first foray onto the Drama Circuit was in 2005 with Brian Friel’s Philadelphia Here I Come. All three of tonight’s cast, Ollie, Martin and Eleanor (along with tonight’ director, Philip) featured onstage in that production and are delighted now to return to Friel and his masterpiece Faith Healer.

8:00 pm –
“The New Electric Ballroom” Book a Ticket
Author: Enda Walsh
Group: Newtownstewart Theatre Company
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Join us for “The New Electric Ballroom” by Enda Walsh performed by Newtownstewart Theatre Company in the 2024 Bostik All Ireland Confined Drama Finals.


Trapped in the years that have passed since their halcyon days at The New Electric Ballroom, three sisters in a remote fishing village are still obsessed by darker memories of something resembling romance.A virtuoso, absurdist fable of the debilitating effects of small-town life, Enda Walsh’s stunning play won an Edinburgh Fringe First Award in 2008 and confirmed him as one of Ireland’s most distinctive and dynamic writers of the modern era.


Newtownstewart Theatre Company have been competing on the circuit for a number of years, with productions of “Midden”, “Family Plot” and “Shoot the Crow”. The group are looking forward to taking to the stage in Mountmellick!

8:00 pm –
“The Lonesome West” Book a Ticket
Author: Martin McDonagh
Group: Enniskillen Theatre Company
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Join us for “The Lonesome West” by Martin McDonagh performed by Enniskillen Theatre Company in the 2024 Bostik All Ireland Confined Drama Finals.


Set in a remote Irish town in the late 1990s, this darkly comedic and intense family drama revolves around the dysfunctional relationship between brothers Coleman and Valene as they navigate the aftermath of their father’s death. Only Father Welsh, the local priest, attempts to reconcile the two before their petty squabbles escalate into vicious and bloody carnage.

Amidst humour, fighting and tragedy, the play delves into themes of family dynamics, isolation and unresolved conflicts. Martin McDonagh’s black comic portrayal of modern rural Ireland will leave you laughing and horrified in equal measure.


Enniskillen Theatre Company was established in 2019, and has competed on the festival circuit with productions such as “The Night Alive” by Conor McPherson. The group are looking forward to taking their production of ‘The Lonesome West’ to the stage in Mountmellick.

8:00 pm –
“Hooked!” Book a Ticket
Author: Gillian Grattan
Group: Kilrush Drama Group
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Join us for “Hooked!” by Gillian Grattan performed by Kilrush Drama Group in the 2024 Bostik All Ireland Confined Drama Finals.


Attractive young Dubliner, Lydia retreats to a small country village in an attempt to escape from her past and reinvent her future. She moves in next door to Tom and Mary, the typical country neighbours, or are they? Lydia quickly becomes the object of curiosity not only for Tom and Mary but the community at large. Tension mounts between the two women, setting in motion a gripping

and unexpected chain of events that threatens to expose the secrets and lies bubbling beneath the surface in this small, close-knit rural community.


Kilrush Drama Group was founded in 1964 in Co Wexford and is celebrating its 60th anniversary. The group have competed in the circuit for many years, and is delighted to take to the stage in Mountmellick once more!

8:00 pm –
“Stolen Child” Book a Ticket
Author: Bairbre Ni Chaoimh & Yvonne Quinn
Group: Clann Machua
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Join us for “Stolen Child” by Bairbre Ni Chaoimh & Yvonne Quinn performed by Clann Machua in the 2024 Bostik All Ireland Confined Drama Finals.


Humorous yet moving, Stolen Child tells the story of a woman adopted at birth who enlists the help of a colourful private detective to search for her mother and uncover the secrets of her family history. What begins as a personal odyssey for Angela Tierney to discover the secrets of her family history soon becomes a fascinating exploration of one of the darkest chapters in the history of modern Ireland.


Clann Machua are from Kiltimagh in County Mayo and have competed on the circuit for a number of years since their establishment in 2010. The group are delighted to close the 2024 Bostik All Ireland Finals with their production of ‘Stolen Child’.

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Mountmellick Drama Festival

Mountmellick Drama Festival has been in existence for over thirty years. The festival is firmly established as the premier event in the Laois and Midland’s Theatre calendar.

The Festival runs in the newly refurbished Mountmellick Community Arts Centre. The Arts Centre boasts a four-hundred and fifty seat Auditorium with a Michael Scott designed proscenium style stage ensuring perfect sight lines with a full view from every seat in the house. Seating is Pullman styled ensuring a comfortable evening for all patrons.

Mountmellick Drama Festival is renowned nationally as the friendliest theatre event on the circuit. The hosting committee will greet you each evening and are available to attend to your every need. You will have the opportunity to chat about the show over light refreshments and the interval and post-show banter that takes place each night is a theatre in itself. It is not unusual to see the audience, performers, adjudicator, and festival staff submerged in discourse long after the final curtain.




Festival Results 2023

Open Section: 1st Place: Thurles Drama Group with “The Seafarer” 2nd Place: Wexford Drama Group with “The Father” 3rd Place: Kilrush Drama Group…

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