“Agnes of God”

21 April, 2024
8:00 pm -
Author: John Pielmeier
Group: St. Patrick's Drama Group

Join us for “Agnes of God” by John Pielmeier performed by St. Patrick’s Drama Group in the 2024 Bostik All Ireland Confined Drama Finals.


‘Agnes of God’, a riveting play written by John Pielmeier, explores themes of faith, identity, and the complexities of the human mind. Set in a convent, the story revolves around three central characters: Sister Agnes, a young novice nun; Mother Miriam Ruth, the stern and pragmatic Mother Superior; and Dr. Martha Livingstone, a psychiatrist tasked with evaluating Agnes after a shocking event. The play unfolds as a mystery, driven by the discovery of a dead new-born found in Agnes’s room, leading to accusations of murder. Agnes, who claims not to remember the events leading up to the baby’s death, is caught between her devout faith and the harsh realities of the world beyond the convent’s walls. As Dr. Livingstone delves in Agnes’s psyche, she faces resistance from both Agnes and Mother Miriam, revealing a complex web of secrets, trauma and religious fervour. ‘Agnes of God’ is a captivating exploration of faith, identity and the human psyche. The challenges faced by actors in bringing this play to life are numerous, ranging from the emotional complexities of the characters to the philosophical themes that underpin the story. Successfully navigating these challenges results in a compelling performance that leaves audiences contemplating the boundaries of faith and the mysteries of the human soul.
Founded in 1964, St Patrick’s Drama Group is based in Wesport, Co Mayo and celebrates their 60th anniversary this year. The group’s motto is ‘Drama for the fun of it’, and they are looking forward to taking to the stage in Mountmellick!